Monday, May 2, 2011

How to Work With Us

Daymarck is Pain-Free Coding

We want to make it easy for you to work with us. This is why we have established simple methods to help with your coding needs. Read below to find out what we need from you to ensure accurate and efficient coding.

What we need
To ensure accurate ICD-9 codes to be assigned, the following information is required: 
  1. Referral information (i.e. why patient was referred to homecare)
  2. OASIS/Comprehensive Assessment 
  3. Care Plan (it can be a draft) 
  4.  Medication list at the time of the assessment
Additional Information that helps us accurately code: 
  1. History and Physicals
  2.  Hospital Treatment Notes
  3.  Discharge Notes 
  4. Therapy Evaluations

It is also very important to NOT send irrelevant information such as maps, driving directions, and blank pages. By eliminating those types of non-pertinent information, we are able to maintain a quick turnaround time and keep your costs low.

How we get the data
The quickest and most cost effective way, as far as time, fees and production, is one pdf file uploaded for each patient or case that needs coded. But we know that isn’t possible for every agency or situation. Talk to us and we can come up with a solution that works for you.
Here are a few ways our clients send us the data:
  • Run a few reports and put them together using Adobe Acrobat Pro or Standard or similar pdf creator.
  •  Scan the paper and bind it together in one pdf file with the reports they ran out of their system.
  •  Give Daymarck remote access into their electronic system via VPN or other remote access methods and we run the reports and create the patient document (additional fees do apply).
  •  We accept faxes. Agencies who are on paper or prefer to print everything can then fax us patient documentation and it drops right into our system.
  • And, lastly, some agencies use a mix of both methods - they fax us a couple pages with a cover page and then we can remote in and get the info out of their system.

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